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Art-ivism Exhibition

On view at CityArts Orlando April 21-May 16 '22

CityArts in collaboration with Alexis Kayla Creations presents the Art-ivism Exhibition. An opportunity for local artists to exhibit their artwork and raise awareness about issues that are important to them. Art-ivism is the combination of art and activism and the use of creative mediums as a means for social change. The concept of art-ivism has been integral to the evolution of the role that art and artists play in society. It has empowered artists to use their talents for a greater purpose and elicit change within their community for decades.

Topics explored: Air Pollution, Animal Agriculture, Big Pharma, Black Power, Cancer, Climate Change, Dairy, Domestic Violence, Ethics, Feminism, Global Warming, Governmental Affairs, Historical Events, Homelessness, Homophobia, Individual Power, Liberation, Russian-Ukraine War, Ocean Pollution, Marijuana Laws, Mental Health, Minority Rights, Murder, Protest, and Waste.


Wall #1

Anduy Goliat: Yo soy libertador, 24” x 36”

Bryan Murch: Dr. 2-1B (The Empire Strkes Back), 18.5” x 22.5” 

Michael Irrizary-Pagan: Estafador #2-da cat fight, 30" x 24"

Elizabeth Whitley: Joy, 18” x 22”


Wall #2

Alejandro Selmi: New World Order, 63” x 48”


Wall #3

Charles Lounsberry: Time for Marijuana, 33.75” x 41.75”


Wall #4

George Stuart: Don’t Say Gay, 8.5” x 11”

George Stuart: POW (Prisoner of War) 16” x 20”


Wall #5

Carol Brown: Color Me Peaceful, 24” x 30”

Gerardo Carrero: Golden Handcuffs, 18” x 24”

Carla Brito: Still I Rise-M.A., 24” x 30”

Christopher Valentin: Always Seeing Everything, 28" x 22"

Lyandrea Martinez: Delhi Girls, 36" x 36"

Richard Barone: August 9, 2008, 24” x 36”


Wall #6

Alexis Collum: Window to a Clandestine World, 48" x 24"

Rachel Meyers: Bold Buttercups on the Lawn, 48" x 36"


Wall #7

Anna Zucker: Children of Ukraine, 36" x 48"


Wall #8

Jambvant: Poor Frosty, 20” x 24”

Carol Brown: As the World Burns 24” x 30”


Middle Wall Side #1

David Sonnenberg: Insurrection, 24” x 24” 

Carol Brown: Bowl of Reality, 24” x 30”

Carolyn Jenkins: Cancer Depression, 24" x 24" ( 25.5" x 25.5" frame)

Carolyn Jenkins: Ocean, 25" x 24" 


Middle Wall Side #2

George Stuart: Meltdown, 18” x 24”

Carolyn Jenkins: Tulsa, 16" x16" (21" x 21" frame)

George Stuart: Didn’t See it Coming, 18” x 24”

Michael Irrizary-Pagan: Pildadora, 14" x 14"

Heidi Marrero: Le Fleur Dolor, 12” x 18”

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