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Mediums Used

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Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is my favorite medium to use. Its versatility lets me achieve a variety of textures and effects. The short drying time allows me to rework areas many times in one session. Most of my large, detailed works are in acrylic.


Watercolor Paint

Watercolor is a special medium to me because it is was passed down to me by my great aunt Betty. My first set of real art supplies was her old watercolor palette, brushes, and pad. I love the fluidity of this medium and the combination of controlling the liquid while also letting it go to move on its own. I typically use watercolor when I want to just play and let my brain flow with my hand. I also this use technique to sketch out ideas for larger, detailed acrylic paintings.


Oil Paint

Oil paints are amazing for their rich colors and textures. However, they are a bit more difficult to use because of the long drying period and need for thinners. I have dabbled in oils to create a few large pieces such as Surfboard Sunset, but I hope to use them more in the future. 



Charcoal is a medium I have used extensively in to sketch and practice drawing. It is perfect for building tone and layers to a drawing. I love the contrasting push and pull effects that can be achieved by drawing in shadows and erasing out highlights.

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