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About the Artist

UCF BA in Studio Art, minor in Business

Alexis Kayla Collum

I am an entrepreneur who studied Studio Art and Business at the University of Central Florida. My love for art began when I was seven after being inspired by my late great-aunt Betty, and I have been creating ever since. Over the years, I have learned a variety of mediums that I incorporate into my work such as acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolors, ceramics, paper making, drawing, sculpture, etc. 

In high school, I officially made my art Instagram and began seriously pursuing art as a possible career. In my freshman year of college, I started my first art business, AKCartwork, through Etsy and made my first business cards. As I've grown as an artist, I now have my own brand and website to discuss my process and sell my art.

Alexis Kayla Creations, LLC is the product of years of hard work, planning, creating, passion, and love. My goal with this business is to make art that honors the earth, people, and animals by creating sustainable pieces with a purpose. 

I'm constantly inspired by the beauties of our world and the creatures that inhabit. I love creating, activism, adventuring in nature, practicing yoga, and cooking amazing vegan food. I'm also the proud mother of 70 plants and two cats.

Being vegan for 6 years, animal rights is very important to me. I am also the President of Knights for Animal Rights and Organizer of the Orlando Students Opposing Speciesism hub. I have hosted multiple protests, educational presentations, and events through the pandemic. This led to me being invited to multiple interviews to discuss my work as a young activist.

I currently work at Snap! Orlando as an Executive Assistant and PETA as an SOS Advanced Intern. I also am an assistant teacher at ArtReach Orlando


Learn more about me here!

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