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Learn more about my personal community involvements!


VegFund Interview

15 min Article

Learn more about my involvement with VegFund, an organization that gives grants for student activism, and how it has helped build our club for longterm success.


PETA Interview with Emil Guillermo about SeaWorld

28 min Podcast

Emil Guillermo runs the PETA Podcast and interviewed Rachelle Owen, director of Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS), and I about the nationwide SeaWorld protest I organized with other student activists around the country. We both discuss how SOS works and why if you're under 24 years of age, you should join.

IMG_0097 2.jpg

Pet Owner Diary Live Radio Show

25 min Podcast

As part of a segment called "Animal Heroes", I was featured to talk on a live radio show with host Janel Young. I discussed my club, Knights for Animal Rights's, goal of raising awareness against all forms of animal cruelty and how everyone can do their part in ending the suffering.


UCF Knightly News: SeaWorld

1 min Video

UCF reporter, Aidari Herrera, covered the SeaWorld protest I organized with my club, Knights for Animal Rights, and our partner, Students Opposing Speciesism (SOS). It was featured on the UCF Knightly News. Watch from 2:15-3:20.


UCF Knightly News: The Vegan Outlet

1.5 min Video

A small segment hosted by Kelly Gilmore and featured on the UCF Knightly News. Jeremy Santos (@OrlandoBeardedVegan) began hosting the monthly Vegan Outlet in the Orlando community, where my club and I tabled to raise awareness about animal rights and other small local businesses could make money during the pandemic. Watch from 14:10-15:40.


Animal Cruelty in the Fashion Industry

5 min Article

I organized a protest at the Orlando, Fl Mall at Millenia to urge Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People, to stop using animal products in their clothing. UCF reporter, Aidari Herrera, wrote an article about our demonstration in the UCF Nicholson Student Media.


Consciously Clueless Podcast

48 min Podcast

Hang out with Carly, the content creator and owner of the podcast / blog 'Consciously Carly', and I as we dive into several interesting topics about art-ivism, maintaining compassion, speciesism, and our personal journeys to a vegan lifestyle.

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