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Pollinators are responsible for the health and reproduction of over 70% of flowering plants, many of which we rely on for food and products. The Florida Zestos Skipper, Rockland Meske’s Skipper, and Zarucco Duskywing are native Florida pollinators that have been classified as extinct, without ever being labeled endangered or having protection.


Having lived in Florida my whole life, this hit home for me. Without these important pollinators, whole ecosystems will begin to change. Because of habitat loss, pesticides, and nonnative species, this loss of life and biodiversity is appearing closer, no longer elsewhere in the world. No longer a future issue but happening right now before us.


The Rusty Patched Bumblebee’s population numbers have also begun to decline. However, there is still hope for a brighter future if action is taken now to protect and support our pollinators like they have always supported us. Planting native flowers, avoiding putting chemicals in the earth, and bridging habitat fragments can help revive our important cohabitors.


Intaglio Printmaking wtih chine collé

Ink on Handmade paper made from a yellow tshirt and hemp fibers (8.5" x 5.5")

Available with Float Frame


A Golden Tribute to Lost Pollinators (Small)

  • Intaglio printmaking involves creating a design into a thin copper plate. Layers of etching techniques were used to create the drawing, and layers of aquatint techniques were used to create tone within the plate.

    To make this limited collection piece, the finished copper plate design was hand inked, pressing the ink into all crevices carved out. The plate was then rolled through a press onto prepared mediums such as paper or fabric. Finally, this artwork was hand embellished with acrylic paint / ink.

  • This piece was intended to hang in comfortable, indoor conditions. To best preserve, do not hang in direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or very dry/humid conditions.

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