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This acrylic painting is extremely special to me. #41,700,000 was my first artwork to be admitted into an exhibition and also my first artivism piece. Artists could approach the exhibition theme, ‘Health and Humanity’, in any way. I chose to question the health and

humanity of animal agriculture.


The longer you view this painting, the more there is to uncover and questions that arise. Healthwise, what are the effects of animal agriculture on our body, the environment, and the animals? What are the real benefits to eating animal products rather than the plants they eat for nutrition? What are the animals being fed, that therefore I am also eating?


The painting also requires you look at the cow in her eyes and acknowledge her as a individual being. Though to the industry, she is simply cow #41,700,000 out of millions of cows destined for slaughter. She makes you wonder, is animal agriculture humane? What does "grass-fed" mean and does it change the quality of life for animals? Would you put a barcode and price on a life? What were the living and labor conditions?


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